Friday, March 20, 2009

London, France...yeah, underpants.

So here I am. I wish I had updated yesterday in London. It was wonderful. I spent the evening eating Japanese food cooked by a Kenyan family living in London. Go ahead, reread that if you need.

Hopefully I will be able to give a bit more detail soon but here are some highlights. London was great. The Queen and I played frisbee at Westminster Abbey and then went for a walk. Minus the Queen and frisbee that is exactly what happened. Big Ben, pretty cool but Ben wasn't there.

Note to self: British folk drive on the other side of road, easy to remember, hard to put into practice, almost got killed by an upset in-a-hurry cabbie. Also true, all Brits wear scarves, smoke pipes and carry umbrellas reguardless of the weather. Well, almost universal.

-Trains are much more comfy than planes.

-Chunnul, really a 20 min. long tunnel. Still fun, a bit over rated.

Right now, I am sitting on the top floor balcony or a Paris apartment overlooking the city. I am a three minute walk from the Eiffle Tower. Wonderful. I will be here three days.

Well, bed time and more gorning to do. Look out Paris, lets play.


  1. this is will, ku beat north dakota state 84-74, will play dayton on sunday. mizzouri won, unfortunately. osu beat tennessee. big 12 is 6-0.

  2. Gorn. Glad to hear you made it to France without being guillotined and didn't get killed by an ol bloke while pedestrianizing in England.

    Two things: Jen and I skyped the last two nights. So much fun. Now she's flying to Japan.
    Also, will you be back May 31? 'Kansas City Triathlon' at Longview Lake -- sprint and olympic distances. I'm gonna be outta shape for it so it'll be fun.

  3. Have you stopped by and gazed upon Whistler's Father. I hear the crowds are much smaller. Have a creme brulee for me.

  4. Loved seeing you in front of the Eiffel Tower. You seem to be having a great time. I added minutes to your phone. Love you.

  5. Chirs - you are just so "you", and I am loving reading your take on Europe! Makes me laugh out loud, and reminds me of great trips I've had there. Just soak it all in - you will remember this always!