Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paris = done town, USA

Well here I am, tired, smelly and ready for sleep. Paris has been a whirlwind. I have a lot of new friends. These past three days have introduced me many people I hope to keep in contact with for a long while. Couchsurfing is proving to be more than expected. Sharing life with these folks means seeing the cities for their true selves and having insight and advice to the musts and must nots.

I am learning some key phrases in French. Very important. So far I can say "Hello. Pardon me but my French is not very good. Do you speak English? Thank you." This phrase has allowed me passage to the very rarely viewed nice side of Parisians. They can be nice, you just have to search a bit.

I have spent the past three days traveling by foot through
Paris with two other guys. Chris, from Philly, and Graham from the UK. Both are great guys to spend time with. Both are traveling solo as well. Yesterday we covered everything from the Eiffle Tower to the Notre Dame capping the day off with a sunset from the best view in the city. Cobble stone street with espresso cafes have been breakfast and an afternoon rest. Paris is wonderful. Today, after the Louvre, seeing the Mona Lisa and friends, we went to a Paris CouchSurfers picnic at a castle. This may be the most amazing place I have ever been. This park/garden/lawn was massice and beautiful. It was almost like a dream. We played frisbee, drank coffee and ate french pastries.

: Metric system: not bad. Celcius Temperature readings: so annoying.

Tomorrow I am off to Caen. I will see where the American Allied forces landed during D-Day. This is a part of my trip I have been looking forward to for years.
Please pray that God continues to encourage my heart and give me the right words to speak. People here all seem to be searching for something. Jesus is the only answer that will bring joy and purpose. Those seem to be two things lacking so far. Here is where I am at, tomorrow is where I will be. I hope to show photos.

Things I miss. (the now to be semi-regularly updated list)

1. The universally understood knowledge of the awe inspiring nature of KU Basketball.

2. The ability of people to play sports that involve throwing, not kicking.

The Louvre's newest and best sculpture.

Coolest place i have every thrown a Frisbee.


  1. Your pictures are wonderful. I know you are having a great time, meeting many new friends, and seeing great things. I really enjoy reading about what you have been doing each day. Also, just wanted to make sure you read my earlier post letting you know that I had added more time to your phone. Yesterday was Anne's bday and Grace stayed with us while she and Dale went to dinner and bowling. Enjoy yourself! I love you!

  2. Wow, sounds like Paris was a blast. Have a great trip and be prepared for an awe inspiring Caen. Can't wait to see your next posting. Have a great day.
    Love Dad

  3. Chris! I love your blog so far...Yay! I almost feel like I am right there with you....minus I'm not. Dang it. Just so you know, although it really fancies me not, KU is in the sweet sixteen (woo-hoo). I will let you know if we win. SO, way more importantly, let me reiterate the awesomeness of your blog. I can't believe you played frisbee with the Queen. Lucky. haha. Okay, sweet pictures! I recognize the Cathedral from an art history course I took last semester. I love that you ate Japanese food cooked by a Kenyan family in London. Hmmm....I have a weird feeling that actually happened! lol. I am laughing at the irony of that situation.

    Okay well, you better keep blogging so I can keep commenting and enjoying your trip with you. God is so much bigger than anything you could imagine and I will leave you with that. I know He has some crazy things (seemingly smooth and rough) in store for you Chris. Just know that He is working all for his good. Peace in Jesus!

    Your the best.

  4. awesome chris! i'm a regular reader now, mainly b/c my constant desire to be anywhere but lawrence and i can live vicariously through you! thanks, it's a great imagivacation:)
    keep enjoying it.

  5. Not convinced your trip is the bomb until you pet a bison.
    Also, still planning on going to L'Abri?

  6. Wow Chris, reading your blog makes me more and more excited for my trip with each new post. Glad to hear things are going so well, clearly the Lord is pouring out his blessings over you during your trip! I look forward to reading upcoming posts and later getting some great travel advise from you when you return. It was good to hear from you yesterday and I am glad you are making some friends along the way, but try not to scare them away with your shenanigans...haha! The Jayhawks play Michigan State on Friday so say some prayers and I will surely keep you posted. You're awesome, take care and God bless!

  7. How does one Gorney an entire continent? I'm thinking it must involve some combination of breakfast food, Follow the Leada, and a fake hostage situation. Take that and work your magic with it!
    I love you, Christopher!