Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My time here in Varen, Switzerland (google it) has been amazing thus far. Each day I am able to sit on a balcony overlooking the Alps while I drink tea and read. I feel really rested. You might not think it but while traveling it is easy to forget to rest. Truly, I praise God for the time he has given me here thus far.

The area where I am staying is a village of about 600 people. The village is more than 700 years old and some of the families have been living here that long. So far I have planted potatoes, hiked through some mountains, road a bike down a mountain and learned to ski.

Skiing is now on the list of things I really enjoy doing.

Skiiing, not hard, but hard to get really good at. Learning to turn and do little jumps comes easily but I do not think I am quite to the "jump out of a helicopter onto a mountain face" stage of skiing. Maybe day two.

Today the family I am staying with is taking me to the local hot springs. I am pretty excited for the whole hot springs in the alps deal.

Next up is Germany. I will meet up with my friend Brooks in the Airport and we hope to do a tour through some of the smaller villages. So Ciao from Switzerland and next I will post from Germany!

p.s. I will put photos up from skiing soon. Need to eat lunch.


  1. bro you're skimping on the photos again!! I'm calling you out.

  2. Yay! I am glad you got to go skiing! Wow, skiing for the first the cannot beat that! I agree with Dustin, more pictures please! I want to see this view of yours so that I can attempt to live vicariously through you, if only for a brief moment. Also, LOVE the picture of the handstand in front of the Basilica, that one is definitely a keeper. Have fun in Germany with your friend Brooks and I pray that God with continue to bless you and keep you safe on your trip!

  3. Good morning Chris. It is about 5:00 am here and I am up letting the dogs out. Today is my day off and I have many things to accomplish. The new store in Greensburg is a definite go and things are crazy. The Discovery Channel is going to interview Jim next week and the following week also for the grand opening. Lots of things to get done before then not to mention we are coming into a busier season of the year at the Andover store. Things are hectic but good. It is very exciting to be part of helping a city rebuild after such a devasting experience that the tornado brought to Greensburg. They are focused on rebuilding "eco-friendly" and "green". The store will be the first "Green" Ben Moore Store in the country. We will only have low VOC and no VOC paint out there. That is what the city wants. The new store will only be open a couple days a week at first as Jim will be traveling between the two stores until he can find just the right person to work with and train for Greensburg. Your trip continues to sound amazing. I love you and miss you Chris. Can hardly wait to see all of your pictures and hear all of your stories. I know you are looking forward to spending time with Brooks. Travel safely and remember I love you. Happy Easter!!! Love, Mom

  4. brother. Just got your postcard sent by the pope. Awesome.

    'O love of God, O sin of man
    In this dread act your strength is tried
    And victory remains with love
    Jesus our Lord is crucified'

  5. Also C Gorn. Let your faith be strengthened: thanks for praying for my exam... got a 97%. Apparently I intimately know the kidneys and thyroid and stuff.