Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I once heard a story. no photos for this post.

There was once a farmer who was sitting by his fireplace during a terrible winter storm. As he was sitting there with a warm blanket and a cup of coffee he heard a sharp pounding sound from outside. The farmer went to the window and discovered birds.

These birds were caught in the storm and upon sensing the heat from the farmer's house determined to try to get inside. The birds were pounding their bodies up against the glass trying to reach warm safety.

The farmer felt sad and wished he could help these helpless dieing creators. He decided he wanted to help. So during the height of the winter storm the farmer went out to his barn. There he put lots of warm hay around, turned on lights and made the place as warm as possible. Lastly he flung wide open the barn doors.

The birds continued to hit their heads up against the house windows.

The farmer tried to push the birds in but to no avail. They simply scattered and flew around in fear. To the birds, the farmer simply looked like a huge scary creator waving around. Even though sure safety and survival lie only feet away, the birds did not follow the well intentioned farmer.

The idea came to the farmer that if for only a moment he could become a bird he could lead the others into the warm safety of the barn. He could lead them from the storm to shelter.

This is the Gospel. The farmer finally understood, and helps us understand why Jesus had to come and die for us. Yet many of us still bang our heads up against a window.

Yesterday I thought lots about this idea, the idea of shelter and hope. Yesterday I visited the NAZI Concentration Camp Dachau. This camp is what happens when men forget God. This camp happens when men forget the worth of a human life and where it comes from. This camp happens when people revert to primal thoughtless selfish urges.

This camp is what happens when sheep follow the wolf instead of the Shepherd.

Honestly I am not quite sure what to think about seeing this camp. I saw ovens where people were burned and I saw walls that of which people walked in but never walked out. I apologize for the less than light hearted post but it was a less than light hearted day.

Surely, apart from the saving blood of Jesus, we have no hope.


  1. I love that story. I have heard it once before too but this morning it is such a good reminder! I cannot imagine how it felt to be there at that camp... but thank you for the post- it is important for us to remember.

  2. Great story and what a powerful experience. I am sure it was difficult to be there and imagine what those people went through, especially standing in the very place where it happened. This world is cursed because of our own sinful nature but God loves us and sent his son not only to forgive but also to show us how to lives full of love and hope. God is so good to us and it is hard to imagine him loving people who could do such evil things. His grace and mercy blow my mind. Hope all is well! Have fun and be safe over there!

  3. Surely, apart from the saving blood of Jesus Christ, there is no hope. It gives me nothing but true joy to read about your amazing journeys through these beautiful places, but more importantly, the journey God is leading you closer to His heart. You have always been my best friend, but I really miss you, and I am realizing how much you mean to me Chris.

    Tonight, Kyle, my little bro and I had a cigar. We just talked about God, and how we always wish that we could go back to what we remember as "home." But the truth, we can never go back to "home." Like how it was in high school, but the fact is this, that God never changes, He is home. It is so amazing to remember that Jesus is the perfect discipler, and that he perfectly leads us to the Father, without error.

    I have so much joy in thinking about you. I love you so much.