Sunday, April 12, 2009

settlers of catan


I just won at the game Settlers of Catan. They will mean nothing and everything depending who you are. I went with the "buy development cards and build roads method." I know someone who uses that and well, she usually beats me. But tonight, yes tonight, I was victorious. It is a small victory but again, to those who have played, there seems to be a post game glow that lasts perhaps 15 minutes or so. I think this is my second time winning so today is indeed a good day.

More importantly, and everlasting to say the least, is the fact that today is Easter. To some Easter is merely one of two days to attend church. Others though find that today is the most joyous day of year.
For believers today is the specific day to celebrate Jesus's resurrection. Granted, we should celebrate this equally each day. But there is something indeed special in the selective choosing of this one Sunday so sing a bit louder and specifically remember.

Jesus is risen! This means that as He rose so do we. Even though we sin, fall short of the standard and miss the mark Jesus rising means our record is wiped clean. We are forgiven, loved and given hope. A life without this hope is a scary one to face.

travel time.

Today we (Brooks an
d I) joined our host family for a bike ride through a forest. We ended up in another beautiful village where we went and hung out at the local brewery. So today consisted of church, bike rides, Frisbee, a brewery, settlers of catan and an amazing home cooked Easter feast. I can not think of a better day than today. How amazing it is when I look back and see all of the circumstances come together to make days like today.

God is so good to us.

biking riding on the Rhine River.

Happy Easter to all! Next is Munich and then Berlin. After that I move on to Ireland for a week and finally a few days in the UK.

Good night from Germany.


  1. Hey bro! Happy Easter. Missed you today. You are never gonna believe it, but the Easter bunny still remembered to bring you something, even though you are out of the country! Pretty cool. Grace wore an Easter bonnet to church and had a beautiful pink dress with sandals on. It rained all day. Father Gary had a great sermon about how today may seem rainy, but it is one of, if the, most joyous days of the year. It was a neat sermon - you would have really liked it. Took some pictures at church - will try and upload to my blog so you can see them. Matther even agreed to take one! Love you, miss you - enjoy you trip. It is neat to see how your message is spread even to those back in the states - I have been sharing your blog with lots of people. Keep it up! Safe travels to you, tell Brooks I said hello.

  2. C Gorn, I'm loving the updates! I'm still praying for restoration and safety for you. But I can't wait for you to come home, I've got some good news for you! Love you bro! Stay safe!

  3. Happy Easter dude. Good to hear from you. I hope you're doing well... we should play some Catan when you get in the short time between then and camp, and the end of camp and I move...

    God Bless.

  4. CHRIS!!! I STINKIN MISS YOU!!! I love ALL of your pictures. SO AMAZING. Love your posts entertaining for me while I sit in class..ha.. Glad that you're having fun and learning a lot..continue to be safe :) praying for you brother!

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  6. Hi Chris,
    Happy Easter, a day late. In a way your trip reminds me of the reserrection. You are bringing a lot of people joy and a spirit of adventure, as well as proving that God really does provide. Have a great time in Germany, and be safe. Dad

  7. Hey man, I'm not one for commenting usually but I've been keeping up the whole time and I figure you'd want to know. Can't wait to have you over for dinner when you get back. You'll have to get Ab and I hooked up with couch surfing, we want to try it on our next trip. Peace. Steven

  8. well obviously to me it means everything! can't wait to sit around a table, play catan, and hear some unbelievable stories. My heart is so glad for you, the past few weeks you've had, and the one to come. selah!