Monday, April 6, 2009


Well hello from Switzerland! Right now I am staying with another amazing family. The view from my window here in the Alps is awe inspiring to say the least. Photos to follow.

I know last post I said I would update more, I am trying. It is hard when day to day you are place to place. But here it goes. This post is Venice and Zurich. Next time I will get into Switzerland, possibly the best place I have ever been.

San Marco Square. Venice.

First impression of Venice: worst, most rainy place ever. Water above, water below.

Second, day two, impression: Won
derful! Gustavo the Gondolier says Ciao! I ended up meeting four other americans and we five traveled all day together. And yes, we really road a gondola. Our driver had even been a previous Italian Bronze metalist. I guess there is not too much money in olympic rowing.

Gondola style.

I even ran into, believe it or not, fellow Jayhawks. A group of travel abroads students were visiting Venice and were wearing Jayhawk shirts. They saw my hat, we hugged, joy overflowed and all rejoiced.

Zurich, way over rated. Do not ask why I decided to go to one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is beyond me. On the plus side I got to have the best chocolate I have ever had, see watches that cost more than my college education and meet a bunch of cool aussies.

Still though, unless you are rich avoid
Zurich. Just my opinion.

Zurich Morning. Reflective moment.
(look, a nice shirt, I triedto fit in with the locals.)

Know that I miss all of you with all of my heart. It bring tears to my eyes when I remember how much I miss seeing and being with everyone. God has surely blessed me with friends and family strong and loving.

When I find my heart sad and down I continue to be encouraged and renewed b
y God's spirit. He has sustained me more than I could have ever believed. I pray and ask God for traveling companions and then no sooner do I run into people and we spend days together!

God is so good. He is so good to us.

Yesterday as I sat on a Swiss bound train I really felt my heart renewed and refreshed. As I travel from place to place I often think of everyone at home. On the train I was reminded that truly, this world is not our home at all. Our hearts cry out for goodness, justice, love and peace because our hearts were made for heaven, our true home. These things are but shadows of the true goodness awaiting us who call God Father.

And so my heart feels full. God is in Heaven. Jesus died and rose to cover my sin. And the Holy Spirit lives in us. What could we possibly find to worry about?

Alright, I love you all and miss you. I promise, for real this time, that time permitting I will update tomorrow with photos from the home of the Swiss Family Robinson. And believe it or not, everyone here carries huge mountain horns to chase away goats. Who knew. They are hard to carry on bikes though, the horns I mean, not the goats. It would be impossible to get a goat on a bike.


  1. Love, love, love the pictures!!! Great to hear from you this morning. Can hardly wait to hear all the stories and see many more pictures. Gearing up for several days at church this week as it is Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Day. Rejoice!!! Lots of singing yet to accomplish for all good choir members this week. I will save your Easter basket for when you get home! I love you Chris. Take care and stay safe. Hugs and prayers, Mom. P.S. Never knew you could stand on your head.

  2. BRO! I miss you! We all miss you. My soul rejoices that the Lord has taken you to Europe to teach you these things.
    The picture from Zurich is particularly touching. Also, the shot with you on your head is my desktop background.
    Brother, Rejoice! The Lord is King... Jesus conquers the grave, and where is death's sting?